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Vogue: For the Mom-to-Be

Editors Share Their Favorite Giftable Beauty Treatments

House calls were also made for Contributing Editor Louise Hart, via gifted training sessions from Mind Body Fitness NYC—“the trainers were knowledgeable about pre- and post-natal bodies, and it helped reassure me that my muscles hadn’t completely atrophied” Read the full article here.

American Baby Magazine: Lose that Baby Fat!

Our Model Mom: Meghan Covington 

Her Workout: "I am a trainer and I created a simple full body workout that mixes yoga with cardio exercises like burpees. I now teach it to other moms." Her Motivation: "Staying active makes me feel good about myself and sets a good example for my daughter."Read the full article here.


Wee Westchester: Brooklyn Fitness Guru (And now Westchester mom) Offers Classes in Dobbs Ferry

"Sometimes mothers feel guilty asking for help.  You deserve time on your own to exercise, read a book, or just take a hot shower!" Read the full article here.



DNA Info: Yoga and Aerobics Unite for a High Intensity Outdoor Bootcamp

While the workouts resemble high-intensity interval training rather than meditation sessions, the classes are balanced with savasanas — a pose of total relaxation — where you can find a moment of peace, “even when your heart is pumping and you’re out of breath,” said Covington.  Read the full article here




See what our clients are saying...


“ I have lost 35 pounds, competed in the NYC Triathlon, and most importantly I have made fitness an integral part of my life.  I feel healthier and stronger than ever before!  I can honestly say that my trainer has helped me change my life.”

Amy, Brooklyn NY

“I’ve been working out with Meghan for over two years now and I’ve made some HUGE strides... It’s not easy, but it’s worthwhile.”

Kerri, New York, NY

Lost 30 pounds

"Meghan has been an amazing yoga teacher. I had basic yoga experience but with Meghan’s personal attention I was able to push to the next level and more importantly stay there! She has helped me get stronger and finally achieve yoga poses that I thought I could never do!"

Robin, New York, NY

"I started working out with my trainer shortly after my son was born. Not only did she physically transform my body but she completely transformed my life! With her encouragement, advice and support we created a meal plan and exercise routine that allowed me to lose 20 pounds and over 14 inches in just 4 months. I now live a much healthier and active lifestyle and am so thankful for the positive role model she is."

Abry, New York, NY

"Mind Body Mama Class was a perfect way for me to get back into a fitness routine. Meghan built workouts that were tailored to a new mom's body and found interesting and safe ways to bring the babies in on the fun. And best of all, it gave me a community of new moms going through many of the same things as me."

Alison, Brooklyn, NY

"MBF has allowed me to work out consistently for the first time since having kids.  The two trainers with whom I've worked are both committed, fun, and a joy to be with."

Jenny, New York, NY

"Angela is a fabulous trainer and lovely person. I continue to credit her with helping me get back to my pre pregnancy body ( both times) and feel better than I ever have, she's amazing!"
Lilli, New York, NY

"I'm not one of those people that loves working out... however I love working out with my mind body fitness trainer. She somehow manages to make an hour fly by so that I get an intense work out and feel great, the whole time respecting my limitations while making sure to push me to achieve what she knows I can achieve... even if I don't believe it myself yet!"

Jennifer, Dobbs Ferry, NY

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