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*Please note: All sessions take place in the privacy of your own home or fitness facility.


Personal Training:

For clients looking to improve physical fitness. With the client's specific goal in mind, our trainers create fitness programs that combine strength and cardio training. Proper exercise technique is taken seriously, and with some hard work and commitment results are optimal. Runners, mixed martial arts, prenatal and postnatal clients are welcome!


For clients looking for mix of strength and stretch. This Power Vinyasa Flow maintains a healthy body and mind. Yoga will tone muscles, increase flexibility, relax the mind and create a better awareness of breath. Instructors encourage clients to test their physical and emotional limits in order to find this mind body connection. Pre and Postnatal clients welcome!

Restorative Yoga:

For clients looking for a gentle and therapeutic approach to the practice. These sessions allow practitioners to quietly linger in poses with the aid of props. Restorative yoga is a deeply healing and relaxing form of yoga that will improve range of motion and digestion, while reducing chronic stress and pain.  Props such as bolster, blankets, and blocks may be required for your session.

Fusion Sessions:

For clients who get want to mix things up. This workout can be tailored to a client's individual needs. Try a combination of traditional cardio training, strength training, and yoga. Maybe even add some Pilates and Barre! It seamlessly combines different styles of fitness to create a strong and flexible body and calm mind. Plus, it's a creative and fun way to break a sweat!

PRE and POSTnatal:

For mama clients looking to keep your mama body strong throughout pregnancy and beyond we have certified yoga instructors and personal trainers who can guide you safely and effectively. We can help with weight loss, core strength, and diastasis repair. Babies are welcome to join the session.

Personal Training NYC
Private Yoga NYC
prenatal personal trainer nyc

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