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Create Your Endless Summer

Before you hit the ground running this fall remember this - summer does not instantly end when Labor Day hits or when the school bus rolls up. Let’s take inspiration from Mother Nature. She provides us with a fluid transition. It’s gradual. Just like the weather and the sun. Begin to shift slowly. Allow your body and mindset to shift slowly too. Summer technically sticks around until Sept 23... just sayin’.

Here are some healthy ways to make the most out of these last few glorious days of summer.

Exercise Outdoors:

Take advantage of the weather as it shifts into that lovely 65 to 75 degree range. It’s perfect for exercise. Run, walk, hike, bike ride, but do it outside. Better yet, pick an area that is scenic- a lake, the forest, the Hudson River. Make it count. You will have all winter to go to Soul Cycle!

Cook With Fresh Foods:

Late summer is such a glorious time for fresh fruits and veggies. Stop by the farmer’s market and stock up on the tomatoes, kale, berries, green beans and more. Salads are so much more appealing when the veggies are fresh and in season. Seriously, it’s heavenly.

Create Space:

We are guilty of this in every season, but fall tends to be especially busy. I mean, apple picking and birthday parties are fun, but you need some down time. Carve out moments of rest into your schedule. It’s okay to say 'no" to some things without feeling guilty. BONUS - Add 5 minutes of meditation to your daily routine and it will make you feel more relaxed and tuned in.

Practice on the Mat:

Slow down and try to create fluid, gentle transitions on your yoga mat. It’s not always about “the pose.” Concentrate on the time it takes to get from point A to point B. Embody the sentiment of a fluid transition. Suddenly the subtle change of the season will feel more natural.

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