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Gifts that Inspire Wellness

Are you in need of some gift-spiration? Try giving gifts that inspire wellness this year! The giver and receiver will both feel great. I must admit that some of these items are on my wish list. (And I am not endorsing any particular products here-btw! These are just ideas from my own heart and mind that are meant to inspire.) Happy giving everyone!

Foam Roller

If you have not experienced the magic of a foam roller, you are missing out. It is a great in-home tool that anyone on your list can use to roll out tension in tight or sore muscles. It’s called self myofascial release. Want some ideas on how to use one? Here you go.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

Giving to a yogi? Try an all-natural mat cleaner. Better yet, make a concoction yourself! There is nothing worse than practicing on a stinky mat. These cleaners smell amazing. Here is how you can DIY -

To-Go Containers

Don’t let your loved ones buy lunch out every day. Takeout food can be unhealthy and full of sodium and goodness knows what else. Plus, the portions are often huge. With a cool (and appropriate sized) to-go container one may be inspired to pack a healthy lunch every day.

Meditation Cushion

I personally have a hard time carving out a quiet moment to meditate. But maybe if someone gave me a beautiful, comfy cushion to meditate on that wouldn’t be a problem…? Hint, hint. But seriously, feeling relaxed and comfortable is part of the meditation process, so finding something that helps set the mood is part of the process.

Popsicle Molds

For friends with a sweet tooth Popsicle molds can turn their desert into something healthy. Skip the frozen sugar water in the grocery store and make your own treat chock full of real fruit, nut butters, and healthy sweeteners. You can even include some healthy Popsicle recipes to go with!

A Bike

I must admit, I do not own a bike! But I want one! Now that my kids are getting a little older, family bike rides will be so much fun. Quality time with the littles, and you get to exercise? Win, win.

A CSA Membership

What better way to have fresh, seasonal veggies provided for your loved ones each month? A CSA membership is not only better for the environment, but it also inspires people cook more and eat out less. Fruits and veggies always taste better when they are in season. To find a CSA near you check out

Yoga Cards

This is a great family gift. There are many different versions, but no matter which you choose, a great set of yoga cards provides activities for the whole family to get moving, get connected, and feel relaxed. My kids and I love them, especially on rainy days. We have deck called Yoga Pretzels.

Workout Apparel

Okay, we all know that feeling we get when we try on new gym clothes, right? They make you want to go to the gym! So, inspire those who may be in need of a little nudge with a cool pair of leggings or a good pair of running shoes. It might work!


Do you have a partner who is up all night with small children? Offer a full 24 hours to allow them to sleep as much as they want. Okay, this is another personal plug, but no one can live as their healthiest self if they are sleep deprived.

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