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Positive Vibes ONLY this Resolution Season

So you have goals for 2017? (besides recovering from 2016?) Don't stress. Change can feel daunting, but putting a positive spin on it may be the most effective way to live the life you have been yearning for.

Let Go

Try asking "What am I clinging to?" It could be physical. It could be mental. Maybe it's negative self talk, fear, addictions, stress surrounding work, or unhealthy friendships? Once you have answered that question "What am I clinging to?" give yourself permission to LET GO. When we let go of baggage that does not serve us, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities. The path to our goals can seem a little less cluttered. Yoga and meditation can help when it comes to letting go/non attachment. With practice we can recognize behaviors, situations, and objects as just that -- things that are temporary, fleeting. They do not make us who we are. And they do not have to stand in our way. So use that mantra "Let go!" when you feel those pesky thoughts sneaking up on you.

Replace Unhealthy Habits

Are there certain rituals in your daily life that are holding you back from reaching your goals? Try replacing the unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Replace that ice cream habit with a bowl of fruit. Drink a cup of tea instead of a cocktail. Go for a walk instead of staring at your phone. Just a few examples! If you focus on what you CAN do instead of what you CAN'T do then you are more likely to change. The substitutions may not feel comfortable at first, but it's better than going cold turkey. This technique goes for your thinking as well. When self doubt or negative thoughts come to mind quickly replace them with something positive. In time, you will be experiencing positive vibes more often than not...Which brings me to my next tip...

Be Kind

When trying to reach a goal, sometimes our own mind is our greatest enemy. Fear, comparisons, and judgement can make us feel like change is impossible. Positive self talk can go along way. Don't focus on failures of the past. Don't pay attention to fears of the future. Concentrate on the present moment and acknowledge each step you take in the right direction. Be kind to yourself and trust that you have to power to shape your own existence.

Happy resolution season, everyone! Stay positive and dive in. If you need help or guidance along the way shoot me an email or give me a call.

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